It was a little bit too much drama for our mostly average household when I freaked out. Desi has always worked late on his computer, finishing up his accounting and what not. Normally I just let him get on with it, go to bed, read a book and am usually asleep by the time he crawls in next to me.

Last week, I was feeling a bit frisky and thought I’d surprise him with some sexy lingerie. I was sure I could distract him from his work this once. I sneaked up the stairs to the attic office and was surprised to see the door open. So, I just stood at the door, mentally preparing for seducing him. Then I realised what was happening.

I’m not sure if I was more shocked than disgusted but I could tell from behind that he was pleasuring himself while watching a woman in leather having her wicked way with a man from behind. She was wearing what I know now to be a strap on. The whole scene was a bit confusing and startling and all Desi knew was that he heard me running down the stairs.

He realised immediately he’d been caught, and by the time he caught up with me, I was locked in our master bathroom crying my eyes out and telling him how much I hated him and that he should pack his bags and leave. It’s not that I’m a prudish person. I am well aware that men watch porn and am not really bothered. I think it was just the combination of my brutal disappointment that the evening wouldn’t turn out the way I’d wished for and that what he was watching was something I had no idea he was into. So, I was left feeling hurt and humiliated.

He knew better than to try to reason with me at that point. He was wrong. He should have been more discreet and thoughtful about his personal habits. More than that, he should have been more honest with me about what he was into rather than let me find out like that. He slept on the sofa and I didn’t speak to him again until the morning.

By the time we both were up and had to face each other, I had calmed down and been able to think about it. So, rather than allowing the awkward silences between us to go on any longer, I made breakfast, plonked it in front of him and said, ‘I think we need to talk.’

He took a deep breath, put down his newspaper and said, ‘I suppose you’re right.’ Then he proceeded to tell me about his fetish for domination, where he thinks it started and how he’d always been too ashamed to talk to me about it.

I must admit that I burst out laughing. ‘Ashamed? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to be getting off on?’

He smiled and raised his eyebrows. ‘You may just have a point there.’

He stood up to start tidying the breakfast dishes and I watched him wondering how he was going to reply to what I was about to say. ‘Sooooooo…we can’t just leave it like this, can we?’ Without waiting for an answer, I followed my own question with, ‘I think we need to take the bull by the proverbial horns and face this like the team we are.’

He turned to face me and leaned against the counter. ‘How would you propose we do that then?’

He seemed rather calm and nonplussed so far, so I continued. ‘I think I need to learn to do these things that you like and I have just the way to do it.’ I’d seen plenty of documentaries on TV about this sort of thing and it seemed to me that we’d just have to take some lessons from a professional.

‘Desi, when you slept on the sofa last night, I didn’t just go straight to sleep. I searched out solutions and my search led me to a website called Cleopatra Escorts, where they have women who can help us. I’ve read all about it and even chosen a few for you to look at.’ He walked over to me, bent down, grabbed my face and gave me a huge soft kiss right on the lips.

‘God I love you. I certainly have no regrets about marrying you and you keep reminding me why,’ Desi said and returned to finishing the washing up.

Later that afternoon, I brought down my laptop and we sat together on the settee looking at the women I’d selected. I’d made my choices based on a few things. I didn’t want to pick anyone that made me feel nervous. I read through their bios and reviews to find someone who was very experienced and who seemed understanding and patient as well. They also had to be willing to accommodate couples. We both agreed on a woman in her 30s who seemed to have a ton of knowledge and we arranged the date.

We got ready to go into town to meet our date for the evening. We’d arranged to meet her at a pub as we had booked an incall and I didn’t feel comfortable just going straight to her place without getting to know her a bit. This was all such a new experience, for both of us. We hopped in the cab and we were both acting like nervous teenagers about to go on a rollercoaster. Little did we know was it would be even more exciting than that.

Roxanne was already at the pub when we got there and stood up to greet us like old friends. She was tall and voluptuous and very attractive. She was dressed smartly but was still sexy and definitely had an aura about her. We started chatting and I liked her immediately and realised that it was all going to be OK. She wasn’t drinking as she says she never does when she’s working as a dominatrix but she didn’t mind if we had a couple of drinks to loosen us up.

She then talked to us about the scene she planned for us and how everything would happen. Even though this has been a fantasy of my husband’s for a long time, I could tell he was scared to death now and it sorted of made me giggle. I thought ‘Watch out what you wish for.’

Roxanne took me to one side and told me that she wanted me to participate and not just watch as I should learn how to have experiences like this myself with Desi. So, she told me what she would like me to do and how everything was going to play out. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it very much, but it was still important for me to understand, so I decided to throw myself into it.

We had the most exciting night of our marriage. I’d never imagine myself arranging an escort for my husband, much less one who would do the things that Roxanne did. I don’t consider myself sheltered but some of the things that happened were new to me, that’s for sure. The most interesting part of the experience for me was how much I really enjoyed it. Roxanne said I’m a natural and she gave me suggestions on where I could go to acquire the sort of toy box it looks like we’re going to need in future.

Desi hardly said a word afterwards. I don’t think he could take in everything that happened to him and I think he was profoundly surprised by my eager participation. I’m sure he’s got a lot to think about now. I’m just looking forward to future frolics and fun. We’re certainly going to be seeing Roxanne again for more instruction but in the meantime, our homework should keep us happily stimulated. I can’t wait to go shopping!