Dave & Sandy

I had to fly into London on Sunday night from the ‘north’ to do some interviews for a news item about a new project I’m working on. It’s funny, people think engineering is a boring profession and that only geeks are interested. I work on the cutting edge of robotic design and, in my line of work, that sort of makes me a rock star. You might not believe it, but yes, we have groupies. Cute and smart nerd girls are plentiful these days and they flit around me like flies to honey. So, I’m used to having companionship and getting a bit of action in on a regular basis.

I was in London until Friday and found myself at a loose end as my last interview was Thursday morning. I had a fantastic hotel room, overlooking the river with a huge, luxurious king sized bed and it seemed that it was all going to waste. I mean, sure I could watch a bit of porn to entertain myself, but I don’t get to London often and wanted to have a night to remember it by.

I called my friend Travis. He’s an American guy, who I met at a conference a few years ago, and we stay in touch. He’s been working in London for a few months and is starting to find his way around. He jokingly (or so I thought) suggested I hire an escort for the night as he wasn’t free to do anything. At first, I laughed him off, but then I asked him for the company he uses. He explained that he always relies on a service called Cleopatra Escorts as they seem to have some really classy and interesting girls working for them. ‘Why not? I thought to myself ‘there’s a first time for everything’.

As I went through the Cleopatra website, I was equally excited and intrigued by the women I saw there. I kept returning to a profile for Sandy, a twenty one year old girl from Eastern Europe. She looked her age, had a rocking body and spoke three languages – always a sign of intelligence, and I just don’t do stupid women. It all seemed just too easy and then, when a couple of hours later, there was a knock on my door, I suddenly wondered what I’d gotten myself into.

I opened the door a crack and looked out, worried that someone, who wasn’t Sandy, would be there. But, it was definitely the girl in the photos, except that they didn’t do her justice. I felt like a teenager on a first date as I nervously invited her in and took her coat. She was wearing a figure hugging but not too revealing red dress that left just enough to the imagination. The only problem was that my imagination was going a bit wild and I needed to regain some composure.

I offered Sandy a drink from my mini bar, more for myself than anything else as I realised I needed a stiff shot before ‘stiff’ became the operative word. Sandy graciously accepted and looked at me with big brown eyes over the top of her glass as she sipped. I’m not sure if it was her smile or my anxiety that was making me mumble my words, as I was asking a little bit about her but not knowing whether I was allowed to ask personal questions.

Sandy put me perfectly at ease, told me a little about how she’d gotten a degree in her home country but wanted to broaden her horizons as she came from a small town and had always dreamed of living in London. She was loving her life here and really enjoyed her job as an escort. She asked me what I did and when I told her, she seemed very impressed. I have to admit, my head swelled a bit. Well, quite honestly, both of them did.

I wasn’t sure how to move the date forward so I could make some use of the sumptuous bed nearby, but I guess Sandy took the hint. She stood directly in front of me, put one hand on my shoulder, looked directly into my eyes and said ‘would you mind helping me out of my dress?’ And her accent! Did I mention her accent?

Needless to say, we had a great time. We laughed, we played and she taught me a few new tricks. Sandy was everything I could have wished for when popping my escort cherry and the best part…no strings attached. In the morning, she dressed, gave me a kiss and I never have to see her again or feel guilty about it. I’m like a kid in a candy shop now and I’m planning my work schedule to make sure I’m in London just a little more often.