The Different Types of Clients

I never reveal personal information about any of my clients. Anything that could even remotely identify them is strictly off limits. I don’t even talk about the details of any of our acts or conversations. But sometimes I do talk about the types of guys who come to see me and the experiences they allow me to have. Even though each encounter is unique (I never get bored of my job), I think that certain kinds of encounters come up pretty regularly. I like talking about them because I like people to know that there isn’t just one kind of guy who comes to see me. Even more importantly I like them to know that the person they might be imagining isn’t necessarily ‘that guy’. Most of my clients are wonderful people with fascinating stories to tell.

Sometimes I get to meet the shy guy. He’s always wonderful. He asks me questions, tells me I look lovely, almost treats our encounter like a first date. It’s very sweet and I always have a good time with these kinds of clients. I try my hardest to bring him out of his shell and redirect the conversation towards him and his interests. One of the best parts of my job is getting to find out lots of interesting things about a heap of different people. I want my client to know that the things he has to say are important to me, even before we take it to the bedroom.

Sometimes my client is the hard working, high achieving type. I can’t help it – I always find this kind of guy crazy sexy. I love sex. All sex. But the kind of sex I have with a man who knows exactly what he wants and needs is always mind blowing. It’s all sex and money and power. I love helping a man relax. It makes me feel powerful and needed.
Sometimes it’s the party guy. We fuck but we also do a heap of other stuff. Often drinking and hitting the clubs. I know how to have a good time and I love showing off all my favourite places to a new guy. I love it when we stay out for an entire night on the scene and then crawl back to the hotel in the early hours to share some more wild experiences.

Sometimes it’s a guy who needs a companion for a function or a short holiday. This might mean playing the girlfriend role or it might mean exploring a new city while he works, as long I’m back to help him unwind by the end of the day. I like role playing – in multiple senses of the word. I love holding a good conversation and using my charm to steer it wherever it needs to go. Whatever and whoever I am supposed to be during our time together is who my client is going to meet.

Sometimes we don’t even have sex. It doesn’t bother me either way. I’ve had clients who just want to talk for hours and show me awesome things in the town he’s from. Sometimes it’s a client who wants to be shown awesome things in the town I’m from. I think human connection is invaluable and we don’t get enough of it in today’s busy world. I am the person who provides that connection for a lot of different people. That’s why I love this line of work.