Melanie stretched her long, toned legs, like a cat that was about to lap up the most wonderful cream. She gazed seductively at a man across the bar, flashing her dark eyes at him and smiling; she had the most wonderful smile.
The man was clearly impressed and he sent her a drink, waiting for her to receive it before coming over to talk. Melanie appreciated the gesture.
“Hello,” he smiled, “Do you come here often?”
Melanie giggled softly, “Oh, I work in the general area.”
She took a delicate sip of the champagne he’d bought for her. She was impressed.
“Not bad.” She smiled at him, taking a second sip.
“The drink or me?” the gentleman flirted with her.
“Either,” she admitted.
“Listen,” he began, “You see, I have this suite in the hotel and no one to share it with.”
“That is a problem,” Melanie teased him.
“I was thinking maybe you could come keep me company.” He offered, sliding her the key to his room.
“Were you?” she asked, feigning surprise but then dropping the pretence. “2500 pounds for the night.”
The dark haired man smiled, unfazed by her rate. “I’m sure it will be worth every penny.”
He finished his drink and headed out of the bar. Melanie waited behind for five minutes or so to finish her champagne and build his anticipation.
On her way upstairs she checked her appearance in the ladies room. Her light brown hair cascaded over her tanned Grecian skin; her generous curves were squeezed tight in a black sequinned gown. She looked like an exquisite work of art. Great art always sells. She was willing to bet that this guy had quite the collection.
She ascended the stairs elegantly and walked to the end of the hallway, room 205, she let herself in. Her suitor for the night was waiting at the window, his shirt unbuttoned but still on, his shoes at the end of the bed, but his slacks still on his body. He looked casual but sexy, tonight was going to be a real treat for both of them.
She shimmied up to him, slowly removing the straps of her gown and letting it fall to the floor. Her partner nodded appreciatively at her firm, curvy hips and flat stomach. The real money makers however, her glorious tits, he fondled gently, keeping eye contact the whole time. His confidence enflamed her desire, Melanie loved her work.
“Are you ready?” he asked her.
“Always.” She replied, smirking.
He unbuttoned his slacks and indicated that Melanie should finish the job. She slid them down his legs, removing his briefs and freeing his long, erect cock. It was very impressive! Looking her client in the eyes she took the length of his shaft in her mouth and began sucking.
She was a goddess! The man moaned, his eyes rolling back in his head slightly, bucking his hips forward encouraging her to take more of him in her mouth. Deep throating was a specialty of Melanie’s, she allowed him to thrust past her well trained gag reflex and slide down her throat. She started sucking more vigorously but the client pulled out and stopped her.
“Not yet.” He told her. “Get on the bed.”
Melanie climbed onto the bed on all fours, glancing back at the man, waiting for him. His erection was rock hard and she was beginning to get excited thinking about the fucking she was going to receive. She hoped this guy was into taking girls from behind! She loved cumming on the job.
The client, it turned out, was very much into doing things from behind, he crawled up behind her, grabbing her ass cheeks firmly and spreading them apart. Melanie liked where this was going. He licked the rim of her asshole softly, causing Melanie to shiver with delight, and then he pressed a little harder, no longer just teasing. Melanie knew that she was dripping with anticipation and hoped that the client would be keen to start soon.
He did not disappoint. Getting up onto his knees he grabbed Melanie’s hips and guided them onto his throbbing cock. He rammed hard at first, and then softer, moaning and closing his eyes as he searched for the perfect rhythm. Melanie squirmed in delight at the magnificent feeling of his raging cock buried deep inside her pussy. The guy knew what he was doing, but so did she. Melanie moved her hips in tiny little circles, heightening both of their pleasure with every thrust.
She felt a sharp slap on her ass cheek, stinging in the most delicious way.
“You like that baby?” her asked her, pumping faster now.
“Oooh yes, give me more.” She purred, glancing at him over her shoulder.
The client was clearly in the throes of pure ecstasy, spanking her ass again and again as he rammed her tight, wet pussy. Melanie felt a rush of pleasure thinking about how she was getting him off and started touching herself.
He stopped her.
“No, I want to do that, after.” He said.
Melanie stopped at once, frustrated but not disappointed, from the sound of it her turn was coming. Her lover for the night let out a massive groan and stopped pumping, rolling off of her and panting on the satin bed sheets. The room must have cost him a bundle!
Melanie crawled up to lay next to him, stroking his sculpted chest with one long, elegant finger.
“What else can I do for you?” she whispered in his ear.
“What can I do for you?” he corrected her, sliding a hand up her thigh and stroking her pussy teasingly. Melanie began feeling hot and flustered and moaned softly. He slipped one finger inside her crack, fingering her aching hole and rubbing her clit with his masterful thumb.
Melanie felt her skin prickle and her breathing quicken.
‘Oh God!’ she cried as her rubbed her pussy skilfully, bringing her to orgasm in less than three minutes. She lay there stunned by the ease with which he had gotten her off.
“Who’s charging who again?” she laughed, teasing him.
“You’re charging me.” He said, “And I think that means I’ve got you for the whole night.”
He climbed on top of Melanie, hard again and thrust his cock inside her.
It was going to be one hell of a night.