Favourite Kind of Appointment

Abigail sat on the bed in front of the full length mirror and ran her hand over her soft, full breasts. She glanced up at her companion and smiled. She gestured for him to come closer with one elegant finger. She giggled as he came and nuzzled his face into her long, dark hair.
“You smell like lollies.” He told her.
“That’s because I’m a sweet one baby.” She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.
Abigail had been working as a London Escort for a while and the girlfriend experience was her favourite kind of appointment. It was slower and sweeter and she was a good listener. It was fun getting to know somebody knew. This was her third time meeting with this particular man and she was quite fond of him.
He kissed her neck and face and leaned over her, pushing her back gently onto the bed. She kissed him back, running her warm hands over his back and shoulders. She pulled him in closer, feeling for his erection through his clothing.
“Are you ready?” He asked her.
“Of course. I want you.” She looked up at him with big, dark eyes and kissed him again.
He was a little nervous. He always was but Abigail found it rather endearing and she had never been the type to judge. She took his hand and directed it towards her generous curves, encouraging him to squeeze them softly.
“Do you like that?”
He nodded and squeezed her breasts a little firmer. Abigail moaned with pleasure and pushed her hips against him, grinding her pubic mound into his growing erection. She could feel it through his thin pants so she unbuttoned them and helped him pull them down, freeing his throbbing cock. He had rather an impressive cock she did admit. She was hungry for it.
“Give it to me.” She begged.
She helped him guide his cock into her soaking wet pussy and kissed him heatedly. She let out a sigh of pleasure as he entered her and started thrusting powerfully. She contracted her pelvic floor muscles to hug his cock even tighter, the friction increasing the intensity for both of them.
He held her close to his chest as they fucked, their hands searching one another’s bodies and finding all the aching erogenous zones. He leaned in to suck on Abigail’s enormous breasts as he began to thrust harder and faster. The flurry of blankets and hands and sighs and moans soon built into cries of climax for both of them.
Afterwards he discarded the condom and drew Abigail into his arms, stroking her silky hair and her warm golden skin. She played delicately with the sparse hair on his chest and breathed in his scent. He always smelt good for their encounters. They talked for a while and made fun of some terrible show on the television before their time was up.
“That time already?” he asked her disappointedly.
“I’m afraid so. Will I be seeing you again?”
“Yes. Next time I think I’ll make an overnight appointment, if that’s okay with you.”
Abigail smiled. “Sounds great.” Overnight appointments were always something special.