I brought Emily

“Bring your girlfriend.” Ugh. Those words jammed through my brain like an icepick. I always try to keep my private life very private with my clients, but this had the potential to be a very big contract and I needed to make a great impression. They’d invited me to a fancy awards ceremony at a VIP table and I had to bring my best game.
All I could do was panic at first. I didn’t want them to think I was a saddo with no significant other. But the truth is that I’m a saddo with no significant other. At first, I thought I could just invite my mate Dan and tell them I was gay, but then I thought that might get complicated. Dan thought it was funny though and was totally up for it if push came to shove.

My whole life, since I left college, has been about building my business and reputation. Of course I fancy the whole family thing one day, but right now I’m focused on success and I just don’t need any distractions. Every so often I find myself waking up in bed with a lass I picked up in a drunken haze the night before and I don’t complain. I’m a gentleman, I make sure they get home safely and feel appreciated, but I have no interest in taking it further than a one night stand. It always leaves me feeling a bit guilty though.

I decided to tackle this little situation in the same way I try to approach my business – with logic and a bit of creativity. The first question I asked myself was ‘Damn. Someone could make a good business providing companions for just this occasion.’ Then I burst out laughing at myself. Of course someone has. I can’t believe it wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. Isn’t that what an escort service does?

So, I set about doing some research and discovered this nifty little company called Cleopatra Escorts. I wish I could give their website designer a pat on the back. Talk about user friendly. I really couldn’t believe how easy (and fun) it was. In fact, I got a little bit too into it and found myself spending a lot of time checking out the women on their site to select my perfect date.

I must say I was fascinated reading about their ‘skills’ and had to look up some of the acronyms out of curiosity. Some of the ladies were a little bit out of my league for something like this. I really needed to find someone who offered the GFE – now that I know what that is – and who looked the part.
I found the perfect companion. Emily was very pretty but more girl next door than professional model. She spoke French and I thought that might be appealing. I made sure to outline my needs when I booked. We met at a bar before the event so that we could work on our cover story. She was great. She looked fantastic and it turns out she’s well-traveled and good company.

The night was a huge success. Emily charmed my clients and, managed to charm me too. I have to admit that we spent a little bit of fun time together after the event, even though that hadn’t been my priority. She was lovely. Who can blame me and I totally thanked her generously. Best thing of all is that I didn’t feel any of that residual guilt I get from one night stands. Definitely going to do that again.