I Like Bad Girls

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, I am. I like bad girls. I like dirty women. I like the ones who swear and show their arses in public and who don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks of them. They are the ones that excite me and take me to my happy place. The problem is that I come from a religious family and they like good girls. They made me marry one. OK, maybe ‘made’ is a strong word. She is undoubtedly beautiful and very sweet. She was a virgin on our wedding night. But she’s boring as watching paint dry.

There’s been a few nights I’ve bought a bottle of wine and tried to loosen her up. Sometimes, I think I might be getting through to her, but then I try something aside from missionary position and she freaks out at me. I’ve bought her sexy underwear. Very expensive sexy underwear, for that matter, and she’s just told me I’m a pervert. If anything about sex comes on the telly, she turns it over and if I ever try to talk to her about sex, she tells me I’m being stupid.

My parents love her. They want us to have kids. I’ve been balking on that one. I’m not sure I could handle boring kids and if they take after her, that’s what they’ll be. Her whole family are the same. I’m shocked they have managed to reproduce at all. When they come round to visit, I have to smoke a joint sneakily, in my own bathroom, like a teenager, just so I can get through the day without wanting to kill myself.

I met my first girlfriend in school. She was everything my parents told me I should stay away from. She chewed gum, smoked, swore, wore short skirts, bleached her hair and let me feel her tits. She was amazing and made everything seem possible. I shouldn’t really say she was my girlfriend because we never did go out properly. I think she would have been embarrassed by that. She went out with musicians and artists. Nothing I could have possibly done could have made me seem cool to her, or anyone else. But she did like me, and she was my first kiss. She taught me how to roll a joint and we would sneak off to the fields to smoke and mess about. We never had sex, but when I was with her, that’s pretty much all I could think about.

As I got older, I veered between dating girls my parents would approve of and girls my parents would hate. You probably can work out which I preferred. Thankfully, I got a little rougher around the edges in university and the cool chicks were not embarrassed to be seen with me. This is how I learned about sex and all its wonderful and interesting varieties. I wouldn’t say the girls I went out with were freaks, but they didn’t have sexual hang ups and taught me about giving and receiving pleasure.

And here I am now. My wife lies on her back silently, while I do my duty as a husband. The worst part is that she’d do that any time I asked. If I wanted sex six times a day with her, she’d lie there silently six times a day. And, when I say silent, not even a moan. I’ve tried to suggest ways to make it more enjoyable for her and she just tells me I’m disgusting. I try to keep it down to once a month though and even then it’s hard to rise to the occasion.

The worst part about it is that I don’t even practice the family religion anymore. I’ll do what I need to do at family gatherings and holidays to keep my parents happy. I do love them and would never want to see my mother disappointed in me. In fact, I think that when I married my wife, she was the proudest I’ve ever seen her. Sadly, I doubt her and dad’s sex life is any better than mine own, if they even have one. Not that I like to think about it, but still.

If I believed in a god, I’d be thanking him now for Cleopatra Escorts. I don’t need much in life. I’m satisfied with my average job, average house, average car and average lifestyle, but I think we all deserve at least one aspect of our lives that make us really happy. Life’s too short to deny ourselves at least one wonderful thing. For some people that would be expensive champagne or traveling to exotic places. For me, it’s having my personal needs met by a bad, bad girl and I love it. I can’t afford to go more than a couple of times a month, but that’s fine for me because I get just as much fun out of choosing my date as I do from the date itself.

I spend hours looking through their pages. I try to look into the eyes of the women in the photos to see how dirty they are, how open minded and how much fun. I love reading their descriptions and about the things they enjoy doing. Every time I make a booking I ask for something different. Variety is the spice of life and I like it hot. If you saw me at work, or out with my wife, you’d never guess the kind of guy I really am. You’d never believe the kind of things I like women to say to me when I’m being intimate with them.

The best thing about Cleopatra Escorts is that they recruit new talent all the time. This means I never get bored. I feel safe with them. They seem to have very high standards. The girls are all professional, well spoken, fun to be with and sexy. I’ve never felt uncomfortable with any of them and I’ve even had more than one date with a few of them because they were so good. I’m not sure whether they are all really good actresses or if they really do have a good time with me, but either way, they surely know how to make a bloke feel special and I appreciate that. It’s nice to feel wanted and to be with someone who seems enthusiastic.

I do like my wife. I don’t love her, but I like her. She’ll probably be a good person to grow old with as she does dote on me, cooks well and other than in the bedroom, takes care of all of my needs well. She’s devoted, loyal, kind and caring. I’m of the mind that you can’t have everything, so sometimes you have to get what you need somewhere else. I’m so bloody grateful to my first girlfriend for making me discover this side of me as I’ve had so much fun exploring it. One of these days, I’m going to save up and book duo escorts from Cleopatra. They have girls that specialise in that sort of thing there. I think I’m going to visit the page right now and start planning that.