Incredible Night

It’s not that I thought I’d never be doing this, but I can’t say I thought I would be either. What I can say for certain is that I’m glad that I am.
The thought occurs to me as he runs his fingers through my silky blonde hair. Tonight I belong to him and there isn’t a damn place I would rather be: In a fancy hotel in London, with a dark and handsome client, a London Escort. Nobody enjoys their work like I do.
I moan a soft kitten-like mewl. He chuckles softly as he continues to ram into me from behind. He’s increasing in speed and intensity. His rock-hard cock pounds me fiercely and I gasp at every thrust. He’s so commanding and strong as he impales me with his manhood.
He pulls my hair a little harder now. I squirm with pleasure as he spanks my ass with his free hand. He asks if I like it but I am so caught up in the moment that I can only moan a yes. I love it when a guy plays with my ass! I don’t keep it in such perfect condition for no reason. A London Escort has to look good of course but my ass is exceptional. It’s by far my best quality and my other qualities are by no means unimpressive.
The lights sparkle over London. I can see them from the couch where we are fucking. The guy didn’t skimp on this room any more than he skimped on his escort. He’s a real baller and he makes damn sure that everybody knows it. When I came in I made sure to remark on his expensive clothes and the Rolex. He’s an impressive man and he deserves to be treated as such.
He rolls me over so he can get a better view of my tits. For a moment he slows down and teases me with his cock. “Please…” I begin to beg, but then he rams it back into my aching pussy and I am relieved. He’s making me so desperate to cum but I’m holding off. He likes to finish at the same time he told me and far be it from me to deny the man his pleasures.
His sculpted chest bears down on me, pulling my huge breasts in closer. The skin to skin contact feels electric and I can barely contain myself. I clench my pelvic floor muscles around his cock, beckoning him to come with me. I grab his face and stare into his ice blue eyes, willing his orgasm with my own intensity.
It works. He climaxes in an explosive shudder that seems to send shock waves from the tip of his spine to the tip of his cock. I feel his dick contracting and throbbing as I too reach orgasm. I scream his name at the top of his lungs, loud enough for the people next to us to overhear. The guy has to get his money’s worth after all and who wouldn’t want the bragging rights in the morning?