Goodge Street, located in Fitzrovia, is a short section of the A5204, which is a route through London’s West End. Its heyday was in the 1960’s, when it was a hippie hangout, where the drug culture was enjoyed hedonistically. It inspired one of the first pop songs to ever mention drug taking openly called Sunny Goodge Street, written by Donovan and later recorded by Marianne Faithful and Paul McCartney.

While many areas and streets of Central London are named for nobility, Goodge Street has more humble origins. Goodge Street itself was once a meadow, known as Crab Tree Fields, owned by the wife of a carpenter named John Goodge. In 1750, John Goodge’s nephews developed a large road on the site of the fields and gave it his name. He was, apparently, their favourite uncle.

Where in the world is Goodge Street?

Goodge Street only runs for a few blocks from Tottenham Court Road to Cleveland Street. It is very much part of central London with Oxford Street a short walk to the south and Regents Street a short walk to the west. As you go west on Goodge Street, it soon becomes Mortimer Road.

The area is known for electronics shops and nearby universities and colleges. Just off of Goodge Street, to the south, is a pretty and tranquil public square, which is all that’s left of the original Crab Tree Fields. It is, in fact, a rather modern garden as following the bombings of WWII, it remained a car park until locals campaigned to turn it into public gardens in 1985.

Charlotte Street, which runs across Goodge Street from north to south, is considered part of the Goodge Street locale and is a mixed conservation area with many residences above the restaurants and cafes that line its northern portion. One notable residential property on Goodge Street is an award winning luxury development built on corner of Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road in 2016, which added a definite touch of glamour to the area.

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I’d love some company in Goodge Street.

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What to choose? An incall or an outcall?

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Goodge Street Station

Goodge Street Tube Station was originally named Tottenham Court Road Station. The name was changed in 1908 to Goodge Street. Passengers have a choice of using it’s staircase of 136 steps or its lifts, as it’s one of the few stations that does not have escalators.

Goodge Street Tube Station has a very interesting history as it had an air raid shelter built underneath it during preparations for invasion during the Second World War. It was then used as a hostel to house troops right until 1956, when a fire, which was very difficult to extinguish, damaged the facility and the government decided that it could no longer be used as housing.

Goodge Street is a fantastic part of London to get to know and to share with a date due to its location, convenience and unlimited dining, drinking and entertainment options. It’s very easy to get to by road or public transportation and there are many options for luxury overnight stays.

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