Regent’s Park is a royal park located in North West London. Once vast forestland and part of the Manor of Tyburn in Middlesex, it was claimed by King Henry VIII, following the dissolution of monasteries in the mid 16th century. At the time it was named Marylebone Park and maintained as hunting grounds. It remains the same 400 acres that make up Regent’s Park today.

After Oliver Cromwell won the English Civil War, he took control of the land and sold it off for farming. During that period over 160,000 trees were felled. In the mid 17th century, after King Charles II returned to the throne, the ownership of the park returned to the Crown and continued to be used for farming. In the mid 18th century, when the Civil List was created and Crown land surrendered, the land was considered suitable for development.

By the time the plans were drawn up, the land was yet again back in the hands of the Crown and John Nash, the architect commissioned to do the work was instructed to create an exclusive development for the wealthy. So, with the patronage of the Prince Regent, designs were laid out for 50 villas set in parkland with terraces on the outskirts. This would include the creation of Regent Street, which would provide a link between St. James’s Park and the Prince Regent’s Palace, Carlton House. Ultimately the park included a zoo, botanical gardens, lakes and many other features that the public would eventually come to enjoy.

Many of the original villas still remain, one being the official residence of the U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, as well as the original beautiful stucco terraces lining the south, east and most of the west side of the park. It is an extremely well loved and popular de where people go to stroll, walk their dogs, boat, play sports, visit the London Zoo and see performances in the open air theatre. The park is also home to Regent’s University London and London Central Mosque. The Crown Estate continues to hold its freehold.

Where in the world is Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is north west of Central London and lies partly in the London Borough of Camden and partly in the City of Westminster. It contains two ring roads, an outer and inner, both of which are pedestrianised, aside from the roads that connect them. Regent’s Canal runs through the northern end of the park connecting with the Grand Union Canal. Primrose Hill nestles on the northern part of Regent’s Park, with Marlylebone to its south, Lisson Grove to its west, with Camden and King’s Cross on its east side. Because Regent’s Park is such a wonderful place to meet, being central to many of the most affluent neighbourhoods of London and some of the most popular tourist attractions, it’s a fantastic location to spend some time with a gorgeous escort, who can provide you with the full girlfriend experience.

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Regent’s Park Station

Regent’s Park Tube Station was opened in 1906. Regent’s Park Tube Station has no above ground buildings and was built by digging a hole under the gardens above, which ultimately resulted in some severe subsidence. It had to be heavily reinforced with steel beams that are visible inside the station. The station can be accessed via a 96 step staircase or lifts. There is no escalator. It is on the south west corner of the park. Great Portland Street and Baker Street are also very close to the south side of Regent’s Park.