To many familiar with London, Soho is synonymous with the sex industry, but its early history is as fascinating as its more colourful recent past. The area that makes up Soho now was, like much of the areas around Central London, farmland during the Middle Ages and belonged to a convent. It eventually was claimed by King Henry VIII and turned into a royal park for the Palace of Whitehall and used for hunting. It was sold off piece by piece by the mid-17th century and that’s when development commenced. Soho became a fashionable home to many in the aristocracy and beautiful properties were built to house them. Soho Square was created and surrounded with elegant homes. The square was originally called King Square. Only two of those original homes have survived to this day.

There is no definitive source for how Soho got its name, but it is believed it may have been an old hunting cry similar to ‘tally ho’. By the late 17th century, the area had attracted a robust community of immigrants, mostly Greek Christians and French Huguenots fleeing from religious persecution and became known as the French Quarter. Following wars in Europe in the early 19th century, Hungarians, Italians and German immigrants started arriving and the original wealthy inhabitants started moving away. Another significant factor in this was a serious cholera outbreak in 1854.

Soho’s reputation as a destination for sex and other types of entertainment was solidified. As well as the sex industry, Soho is a centre for film, video, music, comedy, theatre and London’s gay community. In the early 20th century organised crime controlled much of the area and the illicit activities that went on there, but after a clean up of corruption in the Metropolitan Police and community efforts as well as modernisation and changes in the way that the sex industry operated, Soho began to return to its popularity as a residential location. There is still a small but thriving sex industry there, but these days Soho is far more popular for its eclectic range of restaurants, coffee houses, fun bars and clubs and its traditional market on Berwick Street. Soho still feels sexy and has a vibe that should inspire any visitor to want to share the experience with a gorgeous escort attending to his every need and desire as he ponders the lascivious history of the area.

Where in the world is Soho?

Soho is in London’s West End, right on the outskirts of the theatre district. It is defined by the most important streets in West End with Oxford Street marking the north boundary, Regent Street along its west and Charing Cross marking the eastern border. To its south is Cambridge Circus. Soho is in the City of Westminster.

I’d love some company in Soho

You might be living in Soho, but you also may be visiting. Perhaps you’re a tourist just exploring and wanting to experience the historical home of everything that the sex industry has ever been in London, from the nude theatres, where the models had to stand perfectly still so that they weren’t breaking the law, to the drag clubs, the peep shows and the amazing movie theatres that offered all sorts of naughty films day and night. Of course, you might be enjoying a great meal in one of the famous Greek or Italian cafes or preparing for a night on the town at a fabulous nightclub. Whatever brings you to Soho, you won’t need to walk up to one of the remaining seedy apartments for some attention and satisfaction. That’s because modern technology and professional services like ours offer you the opportunity to have a stunning, bright, fun and sensuous companion to enjoy the evening with.

What to choose? An incall or an outcall?

Soho is a must see for any intrepid traveller to London. With its colourful past, fascinating history, central location and so many places to eat, drink and party, it’s not only a great place to visit, but a perfect place to stay. While there, why not truly soak up some of the local past by staying at Hazlitt’s a hotel built in what was once a boarding house, and home to William Hazlitt, one of Britain’s most famous essayists and critics. Purchased by the current owners about 30 years ago and converted into a fine hotel, it’s now considered one of the best kept secrets of London. Imagine staying in the suite at the Hazlitt with its own private garden, fireplace and sharing the huge marble bath with an escort, you have chosen yourself, who you know has the talents and skills to give you a night you’ll never forget.

If old style glamour isn’t your thing and you want something more modern with upscale amenities, Soho is still the place to be because that’s where you’ll find Ham Yard Hotel, which is one of the most incredible hotels you’ll ever experience. Ham Yard Hotel is more like its own village than simply a hotel. Built around a tree filled private garden it has shops, fine dining restaurants, bars, a spa, theatre and even a bowling alley all on site. It has a drawing room, library and rooftop terrace all available for the use of its guests and its suites are just as incredible. Floor to ceiling windows overlooking London’s skyline. The beds are as inviting as the deep bathtubs and a perfect place to entertain a date for the evening in utter privacy.

Of course, you may not find it convenient to have your date come back to your place and we completely understand. That’s why we provide an incall service in our discrete, welcoming and relaxing apartments where you can focus on having your very specific desires completely satisfied.

Stations serving Soho

Soho does not have a tube station to call its own, but due to its central location it has several that make it so easy to get to. Right at the southern end of Soho is Piccadilly Tube Station, where you can hop out and find yourself right at Ham Yard a block into Soho. In the north east corner is Tottenham Court Road station that will bring you into Soho Square within a couple of blocks. From Oxford Circus Tube Station, a one block south stroll along Regent Street will bring you to the corner of Little Argyll Street and right into the heart of Soho.