West Hampstead is in north west London. Once a woodland clearing called ‘le Rudying’, by the 16th century, it came to be known as ‘West End’ as it was the western side of a large estate. It is not sure when the first house was built on the estate, but certainly there were a number of homes built in the area by the mid-17th century turning the area from a hamlet into a small village surrounded by farmland. The area became more popular as merchants and other wealthy Londoners started to move out of central London, especially escaping the plague and fire.

In the 19th century, the larger homes were sold off for redevelopment and railways arrived, which resulted in more intensive housing and urbanisation. The name Hampstead has Anglo Saxon origins. The name ‘hame stede’ means homestead. The origin of ‘West Hampstead’ is unsure, but it is said a local estate agent named it after a local train station. There are two areas of open green space locally and these are Fortune Green and West End Green. Locals have fought to keep these open and there is a story that a builder once tried to develop West End Green and built wooden hoardings around it. It is said that 200 men burned the hoardings down and three years later the local council bought the property to protect it for the community.

West Hampstead is now a popular place for young, upwardly mobile, singles to live although many families make this quiet area, close to central London, their home. Much of the property is rented and new apartment buildings are springing up to meet that need. Even so, some of the older mansion blocks remain, giving the area a unique charm. There remains a strong community spirit and the high street is very much a social hub, lined with cafes, boutiques and restaurants. As it is such a lovely area of London, conveniently close to Hampstead, Kilburn and Regent’s Park, it is a lovely place to both live and visit. We understand that it is a quiet, low key and respectable location and that is why we provide the perfect escorts to match the neighbourhood. Our escorts in West Hampstead are always tastefully dressed, understated, but of course very beautiful and capable.

Where in the world is West Hampstead?

West Hampstead is north west of central London. Child’s Hill makes up its northern boundary while and Kilburn makes up its west side. Being West Hampstead, it’s not surprising that Hampstead is on its eastern border and South Hampstead is to the south. The locale is mostly residential but is served by bakeries, small shops such as cute bookstores and flower merchants as well as a variety of eateries on West End Lane. The area even has a nightclub and bars for a close to home nightlife and a museum for those interested in Sigmund Freud.

I’d love some company in West Hampstead

It’s very possible you live in West Hampstead and have found yourself itching for some company and satisfaction. Then again, you may be a visitor to the area and want to explore and spend some time with a beautiful woman whose sole purpose is to make you their centre of attention. Either way, you can rest assured that we are known locally for providing the most discreet but stunning, smart, sexy and charming escorts in West Hampstead.

What to choose? An incall or an outcall?

Because West Hampstead has such excellent transport links into the City, it’s an ideal location for visitors, who don’t want to be right in the centre of busy London. It’s tree lined streets and tranquil vibe makes it a lovely spot to stay. West Hampstead, being mostly residential, is a great place for AirBnB rentals. For the price of a hotel room, you can have the privacy and comfort of an entire home to yourself, where you can entertain in any room you wish with no worries of disturbing adjoining rooms or possible interruptions. Some of the properties available to rent in the area are superb and will allow you to share your time with an escort, that you have specially selected to suit your personal tastes and desires, at your leisure.

While many of these homes come with gourmet chef’s kitchens, after spending yourself in pleasure with your date, you may not feel like cooking. Fortunately, there are several great choices for meals in the area. The Wetfish Café is certainly more than just a café. It’s an excellent restaurant specialising in high end, modern British cuisine, in intimate and pleasant surroundings. If you have more exotic tastes, Hana restaurant offers indoor or outdoor seating, where you can relax and enjoy delicious Persian delights.

You may not be the AirBnB type or you may live in West Hampstead and just don’t want to attract the attention of the neighbours. With clients like you in mind, we provide an incall service in our discreet, welcoming and relaxing apartments where you can focus on having your very specific desires completely satisfied right in the West Hampstead area.

West Hampstead Station

West Hampstead is served by no less than three railway stations, all called West Hampstead, referred to as West Hampstead Interchange. West Hampstead and nearby Finchley Road Tube Stations are both on the Jubilee Line, while the Metropolitan Line also stops at Finchley Road Tube Station. West Hampstead’s original railway station, called West End for Kilburn and Hampstead, was opened in 1871. It is now called West Hampstead Thameslink. Close by are West Hampstead Railway Station and West Hampstead Underground Station.