London Escort Diary

I’ve always enjoyed my work as a London escort because I’m a people person and because I have a wild side. I found a line of work that I truly love because I get to work in an incredibly city and meet all kinds of interesting people. I don’t tell everybody what I do but it’s not because I’m ashamed, it’s because somehow the secret makes it so much sexier.
Sometimes I hang out with my girlfriends and they talk about all the sex that they’re having and I just sit and smirk and say nothing. They all think that I’ve been on a dry streak for months when really I’m having better sexual encounters than any of them! They’re young and fooling around with guys their age who still have no idea what they’re doing. It’s just a pump and dump for most of them!
But I’m lucky because as an escort I get to experience the best of both worlds. I get to lead guys through some serious sexual exploration and I get to be taken on a wild ride by sexy, experienced older men. Since I started working in London I have had the best sex of my life!
This one time I remember meeting up with a client who was only going to be in town for a couple of days. I know he had some high powered career but he preferred not to say what. I never pry. Sometimes it’s sexier not to know anyway! He wanted a girl for the night that would do everything he said, no questions asked. I am open to a range of experimental services and before I knew it we were getting down to business.
He was a good few years older than me and he knew what he was doing. He was one of those guys who just knows how to control a woman’s body. I almost forgot that I was the professional! I offer A-level sex and he was really into that which is awesome because I am as well. But this was different to any of the anal I’ve had before. He slicked up his cock and pressed it into me slowly, teasing me so much that I had to beg for it. He liked that. He spanked me and told me to beg again.
When he finally pushed it into me I moaned loudly. He just felt so good and he knew just how to move to make so horny. His fingers felt for my clit, he told me that he really got off watching women get off so I made sure he knew just how much I was enjoying it. I came screaming so loud that I expected someone to come to the door of his room and tell us to keep it down. He kept fucking me, playing with my tits and pulling my hair until he finished as well and fell into bed beside me.
We fucked a few times that night and it was amazing every time but the thing I’ll remember most is how comfortable and fun it was just talking to him. There’s nothing I love more than some stimulating conversation after a good session and guys my age just so seldom cut it!