Off With His Head

When Cleopatra Escorts let me know that I’d been booked for a Halloween party, they informed me that a costume had been dropped off for me at the office and to come in and pick it up. I’m not going to pretend I love everything about my job. Who does? But it’s never boring. That’s for sure. Anyway, I want to tell you all about this party and my date because it’s so bloody incredible.

I went in to pick up my costume and it was insanely extravagant. I was supposed to be Marie Antoinette apparently. So, everything was boobs up to my chin, corsets and piles of skirts. I had to get my flat mate to help me dress. The wig was quite a thing to behold with piles of white hair on my head. He’d obviously taken some time getting this whole thing together because his attention to detail was extraordinary.

Underneath the multiple layers of the dress, he’d clearly taken some serious care to get the quite authentic looking vintage silk stockings and suspenders just right. He hadn’t included any shoes and as the dress reached the floor, with a little extra dragging, I opted for some pretty pink stilettos, which looked ever so sexy when I hoisted my skirts and checked them out in the mirror.

The final touch was a Venetian style hand held mask. The costume looked gorgeous on and I could only guess that he’d raided a film set or a museum to get one that was so elaborate and authentic. I grinned at my flat mate and put on a fake French accent and said ‘off with your head’, which sent her into fits of laughter. I had to stop though because if I needed to pee, it was going to be a major operation.

I’d been told to expect a car at 8.30 pm and right on time, the bell rang. I was surprised to feel butterflies in my stomach as I saw a shiny black limousine waiting by the curb outside my building. It took some engineering and the kind assistance of the chauffeur to get the dress into the car, but once I settled down and had a glass of champagne in my hand, my imagination started to run away with me. It was very Cinderellaesque for sure.

The car pulled up in front of one of the upmarket hotels in Knightsbridge and the chauffeur asked me to wait a moment. I’m normally a little bit nervous before a date, but with all the kerfuffle about the dress and getting my make up right, I only now started to really wonder what I was in for. The chauffeur returned silently and got behind the wheel and we just sat there for a few while until finally, a man dressed in a theatre quality vintage costume that made him look like some sort of French royalty or admiral or something (sorry, history was never my strong point) stepped up to the car, took his hat off his wigged head and bowed to me. I nearly died with nerves and giggles.

He was an older man and a little on the portly side, but he seemed like such a perfect match for me in my costume I was quite honestly delighted. When he got into the limo he took my hand and kissed my gloved fingers. I blushed and smiled and tried the ‘off with your head’ thing again in a bad French accent, which seemed to please him greatly as he chuckled loudly. ‘You’re perfect my dear. Absolutely exquisite. I knew from the moment I saw your picture that you would do this wonderfully and you have.’

We chatted on the way to the party. He explained that he was long widowed but he liked to find a beautiful woman to accompany him to certain events that he felt he wouldn’t enjoy quite as much alone. He was in his 70’s but still seemed full of energy and was quite the charmer. Very posh as well. I didn’t pry and ask too many questions. Eventually, we pulled up to a huge house. Not really a house to my taste, but very beautiful. It was all a bit modern and stark from the outside. We could hear the music and voices as we climbed the stairs to the front door and were greeted by a gentleman in a top hat and tails.

We were escorted inside, given drinks and offered canapes immediately and then we were left to our own devices. Well, I have to say, it really was like something out of a film. The servers were all painted head to toe in gold and silver and were just wearing thongs. They looked fabulous but it certainly made me grateful for my job that night. In the twinkly and sparkly gardens at the back there were jugglers and fire eaters and ponies dressed as unicorns. I’d had a couple of drinks and it was all becoming rather surreal.

My date and I made small talk as we strolled around and he seemed completely unfazed by all the circus like goings on. He would stop from time to time and introduce me as his date for the evening. Usually, I received funny looks from the women and raised eyebrows but I just would lift my mask and smile as enigmatically as I could. Who cares what they thought anyway? He certainly didn’t and my role was to make sure he had a great time. So, I just focused on that and enjoyed the spectacle.

Eventually he guided me upstairs where there were more rooms with various things going on. Music, dancing, buffets and magicians. It was like being in a huge nightclub more than anything else and I was having a marvelous time. Eventually, we got to a pair of closed double doors with a man in a gorilla mask and tuxedo standing outside. He nodded his head at my date and opened the door. Before I knew it, I was swept into a dark room and the doors shut behind me.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were chaise lounges, intermingled with wooden and leather crosses and other types of sex furniture I’d only ever seen before in movies and one or two dungeons I’d visited in the past. There were people in all states of undress doing all manner of sexy things all over the place. My date turned to me and said ‘I’d like you to take your dress off now’. I was sort of surprised as I had not expected this, but I’m adventurous and love to play, so I got him to help me unhook the bottom half of the dress, leaving me in just the corset and silk stockings. I’m sure I looked cute as hell, as quite a few eyes turned our way.

I’m not going to go into any great detail now because I’m sure if you are reading this, you have a fertile enough imagination to guess what happened next. It was a magical night. My date was a perfect gentleman and he told me how much he adored the time he’d spent with me. He gave me a very lovely necklace as a gift the following morning (a room at the house had been kept for him as he and the host are old friends) and he enthusiastically told me about a future event that he wants me to accompany him to over Christmas.

I felt a bit silly stepping out into the limo in broad daylight in for my ride home and my flat mate couldn’t stop herself from laughing at my posh ‘walk of shame’ coming home looking like a Queen in a limo. The whole experience was a night I’ll never forget and my date told me the same thing. As I left, he whispered in my ear that he hadn’t been so pleased with a date in years and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek. I have to say, there’s nothing like a real gentleman to inspire me to be my naughtiest. Can’t wait for Christmas. Wonder if I’ll get an elf costume.