“I’m glad you decided to wear the pantyhose,” Emma whispered into my ear as she slipped her right hand under my buttoned shirt and started massaging my large breasts.
She was working late and booked me to meet her at the office, most of the staff had already left for the evening. There had been some sexual tension between Emma and myself since she booked me a few weeks ago for a weekend away. She sent me a gift a few days ago and suggested I wear it to her office. It was a pair of pantyhose. As a London escort I was always more than happy to receive gifts, especially sexy ones.
“Oooh, I’m glad you ditched your panties like I suggested,” she whispered again as she placed her under my short black skirt and rubbed my shaven pussy through the pantyhose.
I moaned, feeling my nipples growing more erect as Emma continued kissing my neck and moved her hand slowly in circular movements between my legs. Our lips locked and she slipped her tongue into my mouth. She tasted so good. I loved it when a girl booked me – being an escort to a hot babe was always very fulfilling, especially a London businesswoman.
Emma’s hands moved up again and unbuttoned my shirt. She unclipped my bra as my massive breasts bounced out. She wasted no time wrapping her lips around my areolae, sucking hard and teasing my stiff nipples with her tongue. I moaned softly and arched my back.
“Feel this,” she said as she lifted her head and placed her hand under my skirt again.
I could feel her grab the top of the pantyhose, twisting it in her hand and pulling it up. The soft silky material slid across my swollen lips, I could feel it slide into my moist folds.
“That feels so good,” I whispered as I closed my eyes and gasped.
She pulled the pantyhose tighter before lowering her hands and rubbing my pussy softly. I could feel my tender clitoris harden as she rubbed it gently through the pantyhose. She could probably feel my moisture seeping through the sheer fabric.
“Let’s try something else,” she said softly as she stood up from the sofa and pulled her knee-high pencil skirt up to her waist.
Emma was also wearing stockings… and no underwear. She spread my legs slowly and placed her right leg over my left leg and moved her waist close to mine. Emma started grinding me slowly, pressing her pussy against mine. I could feel she was wet. The friction of the pantyhose intensified the feeling I had between my legs. I arched my back and moaned loudly, closing my eyes as she started grinding me harder.
Within minutes I felt electricity pulse through my body as I convulsed in an orgasmic fit, shaking and trembling as Emma ground me harder and leaned forward to lock her lips around my rock-hard nipples. I cried out and grabbed her hips, pulling her harder between my legs as our private parts became one.
A few minutes later we lay on the couch, exhausted and breathing heavily. I looked over at her beautiful face.
“Thank you,” I smiled as I leaned in for a passionate kiss.
It was one of my most passionate lesbian experiences as a London escort.