Shame Free Services

Paying for certain services is something that still goes unspoken in many circles, however times are changing. Gone are the days of guilt and clandestine shame, these days it’s not uncommon or unheard of to pay for special companionship. Now there’s no need to go shouting about your dates from the rooftops (unless you want to) but there’s no need to feel bad about them either.

This liberation from shame is a wonderful thing!

A night out on the town with a genuine professional who loves her work is a thing to celebrate. Of course nobody is going to realise your companion is paid, because our ladies are so charming and natural. But if you were to run in to a man with similar tastes who recognises the stunner on your arm, you’d have nothing to worry about. Decadence is the new decorum.

This shame free wonderland is only expanding its borders. For the first time in history the Internet has connected people of all interests and past times. We are no longer alone in our more bizarre pursuits. Online communities have popped up to embrace us with all our eccentricities. Guilt and shame dissipate in the face of overwhelming support. A quick web search will provide countless testimonies from men just like you, who are satisfied and comfortable with their decision to hire a date for the evening.

Less shame means better service. When escorts and their clients feel safe and supported (as they do at our agency) the work is better for everyone. Only people who are confident can take control of their decisions and make the most of them. Making the most of your companion for the evening means feeling utterly confident in your decision – and so you should! Our escorts provide experiences that would be more shameful to miss than to participate in.

The ladies who work here are not timid, ashamed or frightened. They are confident, worldly and guilt free! Each and every one of them has chosen this line of work freely and with an understanding of what it entails. They are hard working and unashamed. So you should be as well.