Sloane Square Escorts

Sloane Square is a lovely, tranquil square on the boundaries of Knightsbridge, Belgravia, and Chelsea making it a focal point for one of the most exclusive areas of London. It is located at the end of the ultra-fashionable Kings Road,

Surrounding Sloane Square are some of the most beautiful properties in London. Ornately designed, these luxurious townhouses combine architectural features from Gothic, Classic, and Edwardian influence. Set right in the heart of one of the most for upmarket fashion and couture shopping destinations, Sloane Square is a premier attraction for wealthy Londoners and tourists, alike. That is why we ensure that our most elegant and stylish Sloane Square escorts are available to provide companionship and intimate fun for our most discerning clientele.

The History of Sloane Square

Sloane Square has an unusual history, once being part of a development called Hans Town. Named for Sir Hans Sloane, who happened to be the physician to Queen Anne, George I, and George II and the landowner. A traveler, who collected plant specimens and curiosities, after bringing back cocoa from the Caribbean, Sloane sold his own recipe for chocolate milk to Cadbury’s. While he was a healer to the wealthy, he was notoriously cruel to enslaved people during his time in Jamaica and was known for inflicting horrific punishments upon them.

After he died, the property fell into the custody of the Cadogan family, who still own the land to this day as part of their grand estates. It is maintained by The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

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Sloane Square is a public square in southwest London. The name also refers to the immediate area around the square. Like many places in London, Sloane Square has a long and interesting history. It was named for a famous British physician who owned the land it was built upon. Sir Hans Sloane was the doctor to three sovereigns, Queen Anne and Kings George I and George II. He was known for ingratiating himself to those in high society and was, in fact, the first doctor to receive a hereditary title after being created a baronet in 1716. He was an international traveller and collector. During his travels he became acquainted with cacao and the many different ways it was used. He was credited with creating a recipe for chocolate milk, which eventually became Cadbury’s drinking chocolate. When he died, his collections were bequeathed to the nation and subsequently became the foundation for the Natural History Museum.

Following the death of Sir Hans Sloane, one of his daughters married the Earl of Cadogan, bringing into her marriage a great deal of land she inherited from her father. As London great, more land was needed to develop and so building rights were granted by the Earl to architect Harry Holland, who began to build large homes in the area, calling it Hans Town, after Sir Hans Sloane. It was a quite prosperous community although there were complaints about its dull architecture. Over time, the type of housing built in the area was carefully curated resulting in a fine mix of Gothic, neo classical and Edwardian architecture.

During the 19th century the area became very popular with artists and famous names such as Whistler and Turner. The area fell into some disrepair towards the end of that century and many of the original buildings were replaced. Although there was some damage during The Blitz, the area now retains much of the character of the 1920’s and 30’s when it was upgraded from just a cross roads, to a roundabout and the famous Peter Jones building was rebuilt in an art deco style.

Sloan Square is now a very upmarket neighbourhood with highly desirable residential properties and streets lined with posh design and interior furnishings shops, cafes and restaurants. It’s a very popular destination for monied travellers and exactly the sort of location where visitors would benefit from the company of an educated, tastefully attired, multi lingual and stunningly beautiful escort.

Where in the world is Sloane Square?

Given Sloane Squares reputation for wealthy inhabitants, it’s not surprising that it nestles comfortably between Belgravia to the north, Pimlico to the east and Chelsea to the west. Its southern corner ends on Chelsea Physic Garden, London’s oldest botanical garden and the Chelsea Embankment along the River Thames.

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What to choose? An incall or an outcall?

Sloane Square is known as a place for comfort and luxury. It has the feeling of old time glamour that enchants and attracts visitors from all over the world. From the Venus fountain in the square to the Royal Court Theatre, the area has a charm and charisma that is totally unique. So why not indulge completely in the atmosphere and stay at the historic Draycott Hotel. An opulent five star hotel built in 1880, it maintains elegant British hospitality and traditions with high tea and a champagne toast daily. With private gardens and fireplaces in the suites, it’s cozy and sumptuous and the perfect place to entertain a gorgeous companion for a night of fun and frolics.

While in Sloane Square, it’s a must to at least try to do as the locals do. That would definitely mean having a meal at Bluebird on the King’s Road. With the exclusive ambience of a private members club, Bluebird is set in an indoor garden, surrounded by trees with intimate circular booths, which are perfect for getting to know someone new before heading back to get to know each other even better.

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Sloane Square Station

Sloane Square Station was opened in 1868. It was revamped in the late 1930’s and escalators added. Unfortunately, the new modern building didn’t last long as it was bombed during WWII in a dreadful attack that killed and injured many in the station and on a train there. The entire station was destroyed. A new building went up in 1951 that was built in a similar style to the 1930’s station. There was one main difference though. The art deco station had an arched glass roof when it was built previously, but instead an office building was built on top of the new station.