Socially Awkward

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘socially awkward’, I could be the poster boy. I’m 50 years old. I was always the weird one in school. I happened to prefer books and maths to other people. My parents didn’t really know what to do with me. I had an older sister and a younger brother, who were both relatively normal, by society’s standards anyway. I was painfully shy, and I remember being shouted at my father constantly because I would never willingly greet new people or, for that matter, even make eye contact with them. I think it was hugely embarrassing for him. My mother was somewhat more tolerant though, if it hadn’t been for my excellent record at school, I think she would have believed I was mentally disabled.

I was lucky that I wasn’t bullied much at school. Most of the other students paid me little heed and those that did, only tended to do so if they wanted help with their schoolwork. I just quietly did my own thing. I never got into any trouble, except when I was expected to speak in front of the class. I simply refused to do that. My teachers tended to give me a little bit of leeway because they were always impressed by my studiousness and excellent work.

I know I’m very different than most people. I have no interest in the company of others, nor do I want pets or any such thing. I have a doctorate in physics and work, remotely, on projects related to space exploration. I’m sure some people would find that very exciting, but not nearly as exciting as I do. It’s the only part of my life that evokes much emotion at all. I’m content and I believe that is all I need in life.

Once I left home, I really didn’t even bother staying in touch with my family. I’ve bought a nice, practical and comfortable house with a pretty view of the countryside. I have no neighbours and that is exactly how I like it. I love the fact that these days I can get all of my shopping delivered. This means I don’t even have to deal with people in shops anymore. All of that insincere ‘have a nice day’ rubbish used to rub me the wrong way. I am alone and I very much like being alone. New technology has made being alone busier for me than it’s ever been, so I certainly never get bored. The world is such an interesting place, frankly, I find it odd that anyone does.

The only frustration I have had over the years is a biological one. After all, I am still a man and men do have natural drives. Whether or not I want human company is irrelevant and while I can take care of it myself for the most part, I am very logical in my approach to this like everything else. I believe that it is far better, whenever possible, to have things done by those with specialist knowledge and skills than it is to attempt to do things one’s self. Until recently, I used the services of inexpensive, local women. I have to say that the consistency in quality in service was a let down and some of them made me feel rather uncomfortable.

Most recently, I’ve discovered Cleopatra Escorts. Not only am I able to choose someone with the specialist skills I find most compatible to my needs, but I am also able to make specific requests. For example, in recent years, I admit to becoming somewhat of a germaphobe, so I ask that the women providing this service are willing to bathe in front of me, to my exacting standards. So far, I’ve had absolutely no problem with this request and, often it proves to be rather amusing. While I have no interest in foreplay, I do enjoy being amused.

I’ve also been quite stunned by some of my dates, especially those from eastern Europe, at how intelligent and well educated they are. This has definitely helped as even though I don’t necessarily want human company, if I am going to endure it, I’d far rather do so with someone able to have a reasonable conversation with me. I happen to have some additional, perhaps unusual requests that I don’t feel the need to detail here. They make it easier to get the physical relief that I seek and, I believe, help to stabilise my mood.

I get paid very generously for my work. I paid for my house in cash, have no debt nor heirs to worry about. Therefore, I am able to indulge in this type of service frequently enough that I don’t need to take care of it myself anymore. The escorts even provide a massage for me before I leave, which I really do appreciate as I spend far too much time sitting in front of a computer.

I hop on a train every two weeks and book myself into a comfortable hotel in London’s West End. This allows me to peruse some of my favourite bookstores. I often visit the Greenwich Observatory and I particularly enjoy visiting the Wellcome Collection. Often there are some good lectures or even a conference worth attending. So, I make the best of my time there. Then, I set aside an evening to enjoy my pre arranged date. The hotel knows me well by now and they prepare a room service meal exactly to my tastes. I have a meal and then I wait for my escort to arrive. They are always prompt and I appreciate that.

Cleopatra Escorts are as important to my life as my car mechanic, my house keeper and even my doctor. They provide a top notch, professional service that makes my life easier and more pleasant. Their service keeps me physically and mentally on an even keel so that I can better focus on my work and studies without the distractions of my biological needs popping up at inconvenient times. I very much appreciate the work that they do and I pay and tip the women who take care of me very well indeed. I might be a bit odd, but I am, if nothing else, a gentleman.