Thanks Cleopatra Escorts

Let’s get this right there on the table before I go any further with this. I love my wife. If she ever found out I was seeing escorts, she would probably kill me first and then she’d divorce me. It wouldn’t matter even if I told her that I’ve done nothing truly unfaithful. I never cross that line because it’s just something I wouldn’t do. I know other fellas have a different line to my own and that’s fine.

The thing is that my wife is tired. She has every right to be. We have three kids and she works. She also manages to keep the house looking amazing and cooks great meals for us all, almost every night. So I get it when she says she’s tired.

I’m sounding like a total arse, but I’m not. Really I’m not. I work full time too. I keep the garden up and do all the handy work around the house. I do my fair share of fatherly things, especially now that there aren’t nappies needing changing. God! Now I’m not just sounding like an arse but like a boring old fart as well. I’m actually starting to sound like my Dad and I swore I’d never end up like him.

So, we’ve fallen into those traditional roles, even though both of us are young enough to never have believed that would happen. My wife is more highly educated than I am and, if she weren’t so committed to the kids, she’d probably have a higher paid job than I do. She’s smart and I still think she’s gorgeous.

We’re best friends and we love going out, drinking too much, having a laugh and occasionally even sleeping together. But, the truth is that most of the time, she’s tired. And, quite frankly, when I get home and she’s cooking, the kids are doing homework, the TV is blaring and no one hardly notices I’ve walked in, I feel tired too.

The difference is that even when I’m tired, I still have certain needs. And, it seems, my needs are more demanding than my wife’s. I know this sounds all twisted and weird, but I feel like I’m doing her a favour by seeing escorts. The last thing I want to do is to put more pressure on her or make her feel guilty by being demanding. That would really make me feel like an arse and would probably do our marriage no good. I definitely do not want to ever have an affair. So, I see escorts. I have done for two years now.

Once a month, I go online. I’ve found this cool site, Cleopatra Escorts, which is so convenient, it doesn’t seem sordid or anything. I have to admit that I visited a few ladies that mates recommended when I first started doing this who did make me feel a little bit nasty and traumatised afterwards. But with Cleopatra, it’s really professional. It’s not exactly cheap, but you get what you pay for. So, it’s totally worth it.

I use their ‘in call’ service, which is a little bit more affordable. I know that there are big spenders, who take these lovely ladies out for a fancy night on the town, show them off and really get to enjoy the benefits of having a stunning companion for the evening. I couldn’t get away with dropping that sort of cash. My wife would notice. Having an in call service also means that there is no risk of questionable hotel receipts lurking around.

I pick a different woman each time. Mostly because I’m not looking for a replacement for my wife. So, I’m just fascinated by the variety of women, from all over the world, who are willing to spend a little bit of time with me. When I visit these lovely ladies, we chat a little bit. To be honest, it’s probably cheaper than a therapist but I walk out feeling much happier than I would after a head shrinking session. Though, were I into double entendres, I’d be chuckling right now.

Because of the guilt – and I must admit that even though I don’t ever step over my personal line, I still have some – I try to explain to the lady why I’m there and why I only want to watch. I’m such a good Catholic I even feel guilty about the lady companions I meet thinking that I don’t fancy them. So, that’s another reason I explain. I always ask them to dance for me. I find it relaxes me and helps me to slip into my fantasy head space.

Once they’ve danced, I ask them to perform for me in other ways. By this time, they usually are totally relaxed with me too and they have fun with it. I always end up having a great time with the young women I meet and we definitely part on friendly terms. I’m sure none of them would ever date me, in a million years, if they weren’t simply providing a service, but they do end up giggling as I tell terrible jokes. Even though I’d never think of myself as kinky, I think there is some sort of power play going on where they feel totally in control even though I’m telling what I want them to do.

The great thing is that afterwards, I can head home stress free. I can be a helpful husband who doesn’t feel resentful or unappreciated. I can mess around with the kids and really enjoy the happy brain chemicals I’ve naturally dosed myself up with earlier in the day. All I can say is ‘thanks Cleopatra Escorts’, in an odd way, you’ve made a happy marriage even happier.