That One Little Thing I Like

I had my first serious girlfriend when I was 18. I was a bit of a late bloomer. She was 25. I was a virgin and she was…well…wild. She loved experimenting, watching porn, dressing up and trying different things with me. I was, quite literally, her boy toy and I didn’t complain. Nope. Not once. It was good times. There was this one little thing she did, where she’d use her finger to stimulate a part of me that had never occurred to me before. It absolutely sent me over the edge. Every. Single. Time.

She loved doing it like it was a little party trick. It sort of was. We always laughed because there was nothing I could do to control myself when she did it. I have to admit that for a while I wondered if me liking that meant that I was gay or bi, but I did some reading up and turns out it’s quite common and has nothing to do with being gay. I have no problem with being gay. It’s just that I don’t fancy fellas, so it would be a bit weird if I were.

When she tired of me, she broke my heart and moved on to her next pretty young thing. She left me with a lot of fond memories and a bit of an obsession with that little party trick. I didn’t really get into any serious relationships after her and just bounced from one night stand to another, which suited me fine, except for that little thing I liked. I just felt a bit weirded out asking someone I’d just met to do that and it’s bloody hard to do to yourself.

I started looking online for ideas to help me find ways to satisfy this need and that’s how I discovered that women use strap ons. What a thing. There’s lots and lots of videos online of women using them too. Thing is, most of them are a bit kinkier than I am. I’m not into all that leather, lick my boot, hit me and tie me up sort of stuff. I suppose that I’m just one of those who fancies catching instead of pitching from time to time. And, now that I know that there is something called a prostate, I realise that if God put it there, it must have been put there for a good reason. Sometimes I wish I were gay, because it would be a lot easier getting some satisfaction that way.

I got chatting to some other guys online who are into the same thing and asked their advice. Aside from the regular ‘you shouldn’t be ashamed to tell your partner what you like’ stuff, the only practical suggestion was to get an escort. There I go again. Something that never occurred to me. I don’t know why, but when I thought of escorts, I always thought of rich dudes with private jets, burning dollars, smoking cigars and having Jacuzzis full of girls and champagne. It never occurred to me that regular blokes might make use of their services.

I’ve not long graduated college and have a low level job in a pretty boring company. I don’t earn a lot. I don’t spend a lot either, so I have dosh stashed for rainy day type things. Seems like the perfect way to spend some of it. Thanks to my ex, I have no hang ups about things like this, so I just hit the internet running and had a look around. I found this tasty little webpage called Cleopatra Escorts. It’s not cheap. That’s for sure, but it’s also not a lot more than I would spend over a good weekend on the town.

There’s that special thing that I’m just sort of craving and so it’s well worth it to me. It was a few weeks before I could arrange the date. I live out Surrey way but have a mate who lets me use his flat in London when he’s out of town working. So, I just planned it for one of those weekends and took my time perusing all the possible women who might be able to tickle my fancy, so to say. I had a fab time going through the profiles and had to do a bit of brushing up on my acronyms just to work out what services different escorts offered.

As it was my first time using this sort of service and I wasn’t particularly familiar with the proper protocol, I was a bit worried I wouldn’t find someone who could provide exactly the service I was looking for. So, I got in touch with Cleopatra Escorts ( 075 0295 2167 ) and they were amazingly professional and helpful and found me the perfect date. Pretty damn exciting for sure.

My anticipation of the experience was so huge that I didn’t even get nervous. I wonder if that is normal. Who knows what’s normal anyway. I made sure that I was squeaky clean as that’s just being bloody respectful, isn’t it? I had gotten some wine and snacks in. Not sure why. No seduction would be necessary but a glass of wine is always nice. When she arrived, I was sort of shocked. I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t expect a woman who was so gorgeous. I mean, her photos made her look totally hot, but I assumed they were all photoshopped. She looked better than her photos and then the nerves did sort of kick in. That’s when I was glad for the wine.

We sat down, shared a couple of glasses and chatted about what I was looking for. I explained my background and how I’d become obsessed with this one particular thing and also told her that I had never done it since my ex and with her it was only a finger. I had fantasised about the videos I’d seen using strap ons and toys though. She smiled slyly, opened her handbag and my eyes only popped out of my head when she brought out a range of different sized items that blew my mind. She explained how each one was used and how she could use it to help me. I have to admit that it was fun and quite sexy discussing with her how we’d proceed.

Once we agreed on how we’d do this and had a lot of giggles in the process, we headed up to the bedroom to bring the date full circle. All I can say is that if you ever want to do something like this, find yourself a knowledgeable professional. It was so worth it. She was amazing. She was gentle, careful, respectful and most of all very, very good at what she does. She checked in with me constantly to make sure I was happy, even though I think it was pretty easy to tell that I was enjoying myself. Of course, it all ended far too quickly. Such is the nature of the beast, but I’m definitely going to book another date with this particular escort. I learned so much from her and was hugely satisfied. I was so thrilled with my experience I even emailed my ex to tell her. We’re still on good terms and she thought it was brilliant. Not nearly as brilliant as I thought it was though.