That’s What Dreams Are Made Of

I was trying not to panic. I’d let my work colleagues and boss assume that I had a girlfriend for the last 10 months because I didn’t want to look like Mr. Single Saddo. It also had given me a perfect excuse not to have to go out for drinks after work. I mean, the people I work with are fine. I have no complaints, but they aren’t people I’d choose to hang out with. I’m not a recluse or anything, but in my spare time, I like to spend time at home and paint. I’m also working on an online course and just have a full plate. I don’t have time for a girlfriend and what little socialising I do, I like to do with my close circle of friends that I’ve known for years.

Problem was that we’d won an award. Working in the advertising world, these awards are considered quite important and we were all expected to turn up, booted and suited, to the awards dinner. I’d been given a plus one invite and I was expected to bring my ‘significant other’. Checking under the bed, in the cupboards, behind the doors. Nope, no significant other to be found.

I have a few good female friends and I thought I’d ask one if she’d fake being my girlfriend. I can’t say I was surprised that I was met with uproarious laughter and a firm ‘umm no’. Can’t blame her either. These sorts of events are not any of our cup of tea and it’s probably a good thing she wouldn’t come because she’d probably have just gotten utterly pissed on the free booze and done something like dance on the table and flashed her knickers. Under normal circumstances and within our social group, that would be fine, but it wouldn’t go down well with my boss. She did make one sensible suggestion though. Well, I’m not sure ‘sensible’ is quite the word, but helpful, most definitely. She said ‘What the hell are those escort services for if not to provide escorts just for times like this?’

I have to admit that this had never crossed my mind. I’d always thought of escort services as purely for one thing and while I have nothing against that one thing, it has never been a service I’ve felt the need to use. Well, this was going to be interesting. Why not? It would make a rollicking dinner party story too. So, I got to work researching and, by chance, found Cleopatra Escorts.

Lots of gorgeous girls. Some of them way out of my league or way to sexy for me to pass off as my girlfriend. Finally, I found a lovely girl from South America. I’d never actually talked about a girlfriend at work. I just let everyone assume there was one. So, being foreign wouldn’t be a problem. She was a really pretty girl with a knockout smile and looked like girlfriend material in her photos.

Arranging the date was far easier than I had expected and even though I was crazy nervous about this, I thought it would be a fun adventure. I arranged to meet her in the late afternoon at a coffee bar so we could chat and create a bit of a back story. When she arrived, I was sort of shocked. I don’t know what I expected, but she was just so normal and friendly. Absolutely beautiful, but also cute, funny and charming. She was perfect.

We had a couple of coffees and decided that we’d tell everyone that she’s a foreign student. To be honest, we got on so well that it almost felt natural presenting her as my girlfriend. She’d brought her outfit for the evening and we stopped off at my place so she could quickly change. She looked bloody amazing and I started to think this was a great idea because now everyone at work would be crazy impressed. Work had sent a limo, so we hopped in and headed to the ceremony.

It all went perfectly. Everyone loved her. I sort of fell in love with her a little bit myself. She was adorable, but stayed low key. She pulled it off perfectly and made what would have been an unbearable evening for me, quite fun. Afterwards, we hopped in the limo and I asked her how she felt about coming back to mine afterwards. She seemed totally up for it and it didn’t feel like anything but the perfect ending to a great evening. It happened so naturally that I surprised myself.

We had a glass of wine and took the bottle up to my bedroom, where we fooled around a bit and had a very good time indeed. She looked as great out of her dress as she did in it and when I told her I would love to paint her, she allowed me to take a few photos. We luxuriated in each other’s company and ended on a note that was totally unexpected for me, but absolutely pleasurable. After she left, I fell asleep and when I awoke the next day, which was a Saturday, thankfully, I wasn’t even sure if it had all been a dream. It wasn’t, but experiences like that are definitely what dreams are made of.