That’s Why I am an Escort

I inherited my long legs from my daddy and my small waist and hazel eyes from my mother. I’ve always been told that I have the same beauty as my aunt. I thank my family for these blessings and also for making sure that I had the most interesting and happy childhood. We traveled the world. I went to the best schools and learned a few languages.

Now I’m an independent woman. I am confident and smart and I like my freedom. I’m far too young to get married and settle down and, to be honest, my standards are far too high for the single men my age in London. I will not compromise and I would never marry a man for his money. I want to make my own money. I want to work for myself. I want to enjoy my work.

I know that people have strong opinions on what I do for a living and I understand. There are some very unpleasant people who exploit women in the industry. But that’s no different than many other types of work. Women have long been abused and exploited by men in all sorts of jobs. At least I know what my relationship is with the men I work for and I can establish my boundaries from the beginning. I don’t have to sell my soul or do anything I don’t want to do and I can set my own hours. I also work for a great agency called Cleopatra Escorts.

I’m a strong personality, but I can switch it on and off. One minute I’m a lioness and the next a purring kitten. I’m fascinated by psychology and I’m a talented actress. It is those two qualities, aside from the obvious, that make me so successful and good at what I do. Of course, the fact that I have a very healthy appetite for male company helps too.

The men who date me are always enamoured and fascinated, especially if I’m the first escort they’ve ever dated. They usually come with preconceived ideas of the sort of woman who becomes an escort. The truth is that like every profession, there are many types of women who choose escorting and just as many reasons for that choice. In my experience though, most are smart young ladies, who know they are sexy and are happy to use their sexiness to make a living.

Not every man I date is gorgeous, interesting, funny or smart, but I love people and I can always find something about them that I like. Of course, many have just as many preconceived ideas about the men who date escorts and are surprised to know that there are gorgeous, interesting, smart and funny men who do. Variety is the spice of life and I’d be bored if all of my dates were the same. I learn something new from every one of them and the things that I learn make me better at my job and better in life.

When men book me, they don’t have much to go by. They see my photos, which make me look pretty, but I know I’m much hotter in person. They read a little bit about me like my age, hair colour, eye colour and possibly some of my specialist gifts and talents. It always surprises me how many of them become nervous when we meet. I’m very good at making them feel appreciated because I do appreciate them. They are paying good money to spend time with me and they are my clients. All good business people appreciate their paying clients.

When they realise that I take my role as an escort very seriously, they relax and enjoy having my company and full attention. That’s all most of them want – a woman who gives them all of her attention, spoils them, makes them feel good about themselves and who doesn’t freak out if they like things that are a little bit different. Some of them are married and it does make me sad that they don’t feel that way with the woman that they love. Some are too busy to find a girlfriend and some are a little bit like me. They just like their independence and they see booking a date with an escort a little bit like I book a day at the spa. A way to treat themselves.

Whatever their reasons, their generosity brings me closer to my personal goals. I plan to make enough money in the next few years to invest wisely and give myself the freedom to travel and learn more about the world. Maybe I’ll even meet a man who meets my high standards. If I don’t, I don’t mind. The most important thing to me is knowing that I can take care of myself. That’s why I’m an escort.