The Night of His Life

I had a client once who paid for an evening, met me in a hotel and insisted that he ‘just wanted to be shown a good time’. I laughed at first and made to unbutton his shirt. I knew that I could show him one hell of a good time, if that was what he needed.

I was surprised to find my advances rejected. He shook his head and redid his top button. He pressed the subject again. Maybe we’d come back to the hotel later, but right then he needed me to show him a ‘good time’.

I racked my brains, realising that I was going to have to think creatively. He wanted the night life? I thought I knew a few places but I had serious doubts about whether or not he could handle them. Still, if he was insisting on being shown the town then my job was to show it to him.

Being a party girl has it’s perks. They know me everywhere. I don’t wait in line very often and I get a lot of free drinks. Sometimes I have clients with me, but often not. The streets have been my night time playground since long before I listed my profession as ‘lady of the night’.

He told me to go wild, so I called room service to bring us champagne to get the party started. I barely noticed the buzz I got from half a bottle but my companion already seemed less stressed out. I decided to step things up.

I dragged him to a bar I liked to frequent when I was working. It was dark and intimate and the drinks were cheap. I ordered a double round of tequila shots – my favourite. He made a face but I laughed and insisted he try the better stuff. That he liked.

The bar is one of those places with a little juke box in the corner. I was starting to feel friskier so I paid for my favourite song and insisted he join me on the dance floor. He awkwardly accepted, so I pulled him closer, teasing his lips with mine. He asked if there was somewhere louder we could go. I thought for a moment and then ran outside to hail a cab with my companion in tow.

The club I took him to is my favourite place whether I’m on call or not. It’s busy, noisy and vibrant all weekend. It’s my paradise. I ordered a bottle of tequila and told him to hold on tight. Even I started to feel dizzy. The music surrounded us. People were laughing, smiling and kissing. We were a mass of good vibrations. Suddenly the time was five in the morning but my party loving friend didn’t seem tired. He told me it was the night of his life. I told him the night wasn’t over yet; there was still the hotel room to be seen to.