These Feet Were Made for Worship

I’ve been told I have the most beautiful feet. I must admit that they have a perfect arch and that my toes, always with a perfect pedicure, are both elegant and adorable. Even I smile when I look down and see my cute and sexy feet. Of course, I take very good care of my feet. I take time to wash them, getting deep between the toes and I often exfoliate them to make sure that the skin stays smooth and supple. I think it’s most important to maintain the plump, soft, cushioning on the bottom of my feet, so I give extra attention to my heel and the balls of my feet. After all, they are what give my feet their luscious curves.

Sometimes I take photos of my feet so that I can share them with those who admire them. At other times, I allow the lovers of my feminine, pretty feet to touch them, kiss them, lick them and even suck my toes. It feels wonderful to have my feet adored and worshiped, but I know how special they are and so, I only save them for those who have earned the privilege and pleased me.

Can you picture yourself gently massaging my feet for me? Just think. It could be you making me moan with delight as your hands and fingers explore the yielding and delicate skin between my toes. Perhaps I’ll give you some fragrant, scented oils to stroke along the graceful bend in my arch. Or, if you have different desires, I might just let remove my shoe and inhale the heady, musky scent of my confined and sweaty feet as I wiggle my toes in appreciation.

What if I wore socks, all day, just before we met? I do wonder if that is something you would like. I could let you know in advance, how long I’d be wearing those socks before we met. That way you could think about my feet, getting hotter and sweatier throughout the day just waiting for you to liberate them, sniff and taste them. I think you might enjoy that.

While I sit in the spa, watching the talented young woman who gives me pedicures, I think about all the ways that my feet are enjoyed by those lucky enough to spend time with me. I think of how privileged they are and the gifts that they bestow upon me to demonstrate their gratitude. I take time to decide the sort of pedicure I will have, depending on who will be revering my feet and toes. Sometimes a natural, clean look is just right, but, there are times that dark, deep reds or a bubblegum pink are more suitable. If my feet are to be cherished, they need to look their best at all times.

I try to notice the little things about my own feet, so that I can understand the depth of the devotion they inspire. I particularly like the little creases that appear as I over arch my feet when I slowly remove my stiletto shoes. I also love seeing the tips of my flawless toes in peep toe shoes, which are designed perfectly to tease and tantalise, fascinating those who previously never thought about the eroticism of feet. Do you think you’d like to kiss and lick my shoes to show me how much you deserve to honor my divine feet? That’s something that makes me very happy.

When I have a date and I know that his mind is focused completely and utterly upon my feet, I often wonder how many toes he could fit into his mouth if he tried. Two? Three? Would he be able to get all of them into his mouth, winding his tongue like a snake around my toes? I truly ponder. Perhaps practice makes perfect. I can always tell when a date is new to everything and I carefully instruct him how to impress me.

There are things that I can do with my feet that take their veneration to another level. You would have to be absolutely to my liking before I would consider granting you the opportunity though. You know what I’m talking about. You’re already obsessing over it. The thought. Rubbing yourself. My arches. Feeling yourself between them. Could you possibly contain yourself? Would you be able to meet my demands?

There’s only one way to find out the answer to these questions that I know will be haunting your very soul now. They will be overtaking your logical mind, distracting you and arousing you at the most inconvenient moments throughout your day. I’m not sorry. I am waiting. Hurry though, because I don’t wait long.