Vanilla to Spicy

I didn’t know I needed it until I got it. It had been tickling the back of my mind ever since that film. I’d always been rather vanilla in every aspect of my life. I didn’t eat spicy food. I didn’t drink much. I looked pretty much like any other bloke going to work in the mornings on the train. I’d had a few girlfriends and our sex lives were satisfying. Well, they were to me anyway. I’d never really thought about it until I saw that film.

I remember the scene. I remember the moment. I remember the look of ecstasy on the woman’s face. What I don’t remember is ever seeing that look on a woman’s face in real life. I mean, my girlfriends never complained or anything. Then again, I never really asked. I thought that was all there was to it. Finish up, clean up and go to sleep.

After seeing that woman in the film, every time I closed my eyes, the image of her face was burned onto the back of my eyelids. Her eyes wide open, almost tearful with joy. Her mouth in a smiling, silent moan of delight. When it happened, she almost looked surprised. I know I was. My physiological response was immediate, if not somewhat embarrassing. Luckily I was on my own when it happened.
I tried using that image, captured in my memory, to bring me back to that level of arousal and it worked for about a week. After that, the feeling faded as did the details of her face in my mind. It was then, I decided I needed to see that face again. Not the face of that particular woman, although there’s no denying she was hot. She’s an actress. Of course she’s hot. No, it was that expression that I wanted and I needed to know that I’d made it happen.

To be honest, given my history, I didn’t even know if I knew how to make it happen. Even if I knew how, I didn’t know if would be able to make it happen. What I did know was that I wanted to find out. So, I did some research on the internet. I found sites that I didn’t even know existed where I could find recommendations and reviews of places that could help me. They all led me to Cleopatra Escorts. I felt a bit weird about it as I thought that escorts were for rich old men, not young guys like me. But where else was I going to get what I needed?
I can’t tell you how excited I was. I’d spend every evening searching the site to see who could help me with exactly what I needed. What I didn’t expect was that most of the women on the site were even more gorgeous than the actress I’d seen. Eventually, I found what looked to be the perfect woman in every way and I arranged to meet her. Seriously. Just like that. I’m still in awe at how easy it was, but not nearly as in awe as I am about what happened.

We met at a busy bar in the West End. I was excruciatingly nervous. My hands were sweating and, at first, I felt like everyone in the room was staring and thinking that the only way a guy like me could be with a woman like Selena, was to pay for it. But she was lovely. No. Seriously. She was as sweet as she was beautiful. Looking around again, I realised that people were staring, but they were admiring Selena and looking at me like I was the luckiest bastard in the world. That gave me a bit more confidence as did a couple of pints of beer.
We went for dinner and found a nice, quiet spot where we wouldn’t be overheard. It was then that I told her what I wanted help with. I explained that I realised that there things about women that I needed to learn and that I needed someone with patience and experience to teach me. She smiled and reassured me that she would make sure that any woman I would ever be with in future would be in for a special treat.

I’m in a long term relationship with a gorgeous woman now. My life has changed. I eat spicy food. My girlfriend is amazing. I even confessed to her how I learned those special things that I do that take her over the edge. She says we should invite Selena to the wedding.