What Kind of Girl?

Many people who are unfamiliar with the wonderful world of escorting still manage to have a lot of opinions about what kind of people work for an agency like ours. ‘That kind of woman is a phrase that crops up from time to time within certain circles and it almost never has positive connotations. But what kind of woman is that exactly?

Sometimes she is a student who wants to make money fast and then get back to hitting the books. In a few years she might be a doctor or a lawyer or some other hard working professional you’d never expect had once been ‘that kind of woman’.

Sometimes she is a slightly older lady who is tired of working the same boring job she has had for years. She just wants to have fun and enjoy herself while she works. She’s done her part for the 9-5. She was never ‘that kind of woman’.

Sometimes she is a beautiful, educated woman who simply likes her work. She is funny, witty and enjoyable to be around. She doesn’t have trouble finding a boyfriend. She doesn’t have trouble finding a job. She just wanted something different. But when you talk to her you would never imagine she might be ‘that kind of woman’.

‘That kind of woman’ might mean she’s a junkie, a victim, a man-eater or a home wrecker. ‘That kind of woman’ is not ‘our kind of woman’. The women who work for us come from many different backgrounds. They come from different countries, have achieved different levels of education, have different interests, hopes and dreams for the future. They are unique and impossible to analyse based solely on their occupation.

Any kind of woman can be our kind of woman. All she needs is a little class and a lot of confidence. Assumptions are always silly but they are even sillier when they come from people who aren’t even in the know. So next time you hear someone talking about ‘that kind of woman’ maybe you should ask them what kind of woman that might be, exactly?