A Lesson Part 7

Immediately following Ayden’s lapse, he froze. It was almost comical. His tongue was still touching Carrie’s boot, but his eyes were tightly closed. In anticipation of what, or anything, he did not know, and that frightened him even more. Now, let us get one thing straight. When I talk about Ayden being frightened, I am talking about the sort of fear that you feel at the top of a roller coaster. It is a euphoric terror. You do not know what is coming, but you do know that it will be incredibly exciting. That is how Ayden felt in that moment as I watched him, knowing him so well. Carrie seemed blissfully unaware, lost in her own experience of power and the exhilaration that accompanies it.

“Carrie.” She turned towards my voice as if she had been shaken awake from a daydream. “He has made a mess and should be ashamed of himself. As his Queen, it is your responsibility to ensure that unruly behaviour should be suppressed and punished when necessary. You are still a novice and therefore, my student and submissive. I want you to realise that you, through your lack of attention, have forced me to punish you both.”

Carrie looked stricken, for just a second. Then something came over her. She extracted her boot from Ayden’s greedy fingers, that still held it to his face, and turned to face me with a mischievous smile. “Of course, Mistress. I understand that it is my fault that Ayden and I are to both be disciplined.” Then she gave me this cute little wiggle. She is a little devil this one, and just so much fun. “Get down on your knees, next to the slave, while I think about this.”

I turned my back on them both and strode away purposefully. After all, my public scenes are my own personal theatre. People talk about them for years if they are lucky enough to attend a party, where I am playing. Everyone here knew that, and everyone knew that they were playing a role, albeit a minor one, they still had to be on their toes. The small crowd of voyeurs, parted as I passed through them, leaving a space through which I could turn and observe my two playthings, kneeling next to each other on the floor.

I said nothing and just looked at them from the other side of the room. Feeling smug as I watched them begin to feel their vulnerability and grasp how exposed they were in front of this group of people, most of whom were standing, as we were the attraction in this playroom. As a professional Domme, I have hundreds of potential punishments filed away in my mind to be used any time it takes my fancy. I wanted to think of something that would be appropriate, educational, but, most of all, entertaining and intoxicating for me. I grinned broadly at my own endlessly pleasing imagination and started back towards Carrie and Ayden.

I put my boot against Ayden’s shoulder and gave a little shove. “Lay down. On your back. Arms out and legs spread. Now.”

Ayden’s body relaxed, seemingly reassured by my presence, he slowly unravelled his body, and lay, on the floor, completely exposed. Carrie watched silently. Her big, eyes, moving with me as I slowly circled Ayden, prodding him with my toe as if he were a car tire. Making him give small exclamations of shock or pain when I found a sweet spot. “Well, Ayden. I think today you need a lesson in impulse control. So, you are to remain in this position, where you are. Your hands must not leave the floor and will stay spread, as they are, without the need for restraints. You will keep your legs spread and will not attempt to move them or bend your knees. Nod twice if you understand.”

Ayden nodded his head with an exaggerated movement, twice. “Good.” I leaned over and smacked Ayden’s right cheek and then his left one. It was hard enough to sting. “Stay awake and alert so that you can listen to my commands.”

“Carrie, stand up and come to me.” I held out my hands and helped her up out of a kneeling position. I leaned forward and kissed her. She quickly responded as I teased her tongue with my own. I moved my mouth to her ear and whispered quietly. “Bend over. Now.”

It took Carrie a quick second to respond, but as soon as she did, I lifted her skirt, pulled back my arm, and gave her one of my perfectly placed handprints. She gasped and giggled. Such a naughty thing. Just below her buttock, where the skin was baby soft and welted beautifully. I caressed the very tips of my fingers over the area, enjoying watching the skin well, leaving a raised red mark of my hand. “Now, my lovely, stand up. I am going to give you very specific instructions. If you obey, you will not only achieve immense pleasure, but experience the most exquisite sensation of power and control. Do you understand?”

She slowly stood to face me and nodded. Her head lowered, more thoughtfully than submissively it seemed. I explained to her exactly what I wanted to do and stood back to enjoy my creation and decide how to improve the fine details.

Carrie walked the length of Ayden’s body. She stopped at his hips and ever so delicately stooped to place a sweet kiss at the end of his ramrod hard cock. Whatever he was hoping would happen, whatever scenarios he was playing out in his head, whatever nasty thoughts he had, they were clearly expressed through the size and presentation of his quite beautiful cock. Carrie stood and continued to his head, where she turned to face me, look me in the eye and smile as she lowered herself carefully, squatting just over Ayden’s face.

“Lift your skirt, Carrie. I want everyone to see what is happening.” Carrie raised her skirt and we could all see the erotic vision of her swollen pussy lips, just inches from Ayden’s face. “Now tell him what he has to do.”

Carrie’s grin broadened. She looked like the cat who got the cream. “Slave.” She spoke sternly.

The whole room held their breath. “Yes, my Queen.” We could hear Ayden’s voice trembling. “I want to feel the tip of your tongue on my arsehole. I want you to lick it and slip the very tip of your tongue inside. I want you to savour my hole.” Before she could finish, Ayden’s cock gave a little bounce of joy, and his tongue made contact with the soft, musky skin of her rim.

Carrie groaned, and I felt my own arousal rise with fervour because I knew what was going to happen next.

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